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Obama’s Economy

Americans should check their history books to see what happens when government takes over¬† business.¬† Or they could just look at what’s happening now in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, GM is failing and needs more money from taxpayers. Gee, didn’t see that coming! The real question: why is Team Obama pouring taxpayer money into a company that everybody knows is going to fail? Is Obama simply rewarding the unions for their votes?

As our new Democrat leadership continues to punish responsible people by raising their taxes and rewarding the greedy and incompetent by giving away those taxes, businesses are taking notice. Many small businesses are simply cutting back to avoid the higher taxes. You can’t blame them; why work harder and longer when over half of it goes to the government? Is working even worth it anymore?

The only hope is that after four years of this nonsense, maybe Americans will smarten up and put in some qualified candidates for president.