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Clueless or Corrupt

The news about the $165 Million in AIG bonus money today really set me off; but not because of AIG. Its Obama, Geithner, Frank, Dodd, and the rest of the Washington mafia politicians whining about it. As they say it, they are so mad that they’ll just… well their just ready to… find a television camera and yell about it; just enough for all of America to maybe not notice that their new leaders are morally corrupt.

Apparently Geithner called the AIG CEO and berated him about the bonuses. Funny thing about that… Geithner’s the idiot that signed the stinking check! Shoot, if he sent me $170 billion, I’d let him berate me for a week; I’d enjoy it! I’d buy him lunch. Well, I guess that’s sort of what AIG would do, too; if they hadn’t already. Currently, senator Dodd is the largest recipient of AIG campaign donations. Guess who’s number 2 on that donation list… the current president.

To the television cameras that are America, Obama has been all shock and disbelief with a dash of righteous anger; yet he’s known for months that these bonuses were coming! Truthfully, we all did; well, at least all of us with an ounce of common sense and some basic understanding of morality. You see, most of us already know that these AIG execs have sold their souls to get wealth and power; they did it while destroying the fortunes and dreams of ordinary working Americans.  Most of us understand the simple yet major injustice of rewarding those whose own greed has destroyed their companies and possibly our economy.  Why then, would the president and treasury secretary expect them to be benevolent beings all of a sudden and do what’s right with an additional $170 billion in taxpayer dollars? As a fellow blogger noted yesterday, you don’t give the dog a treat when it pees on your carpet!

One final related thought… Vice-President Joe Biden had this to say about Obama’s tax cuts today:

“It’s not much to a lot of us, but let me tell you something, if you get 70 or 80 bucks in your paycheck that’s not being withheld in your paycheck is a big deal for a lot of people.”

Well, gee thanks, Joe!  I wonder how much of that will be left after our local and state governments get their hands on it, or what that $80 will be worth after Obama-inflation kicks in, or how much of that we’ll see after you tax our charitable giving, our gas, our internet, our sodas, our health insurance, our businesses, our cell-phones, even our taxes (yes, he’s thinking of taxing what you pay in taxes), etc.  Thanks for that little nugget, Joe!  Geez, you know, maybe we could spare AIG another $200 billion after all.


Obama’s Economy

Americans should check their history books to see what happens when government takes over  business.  Or they could just look at what’s happening now in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, GM is failing and needs more money from taxpayers. Gee, didn’t see that coming! The real question: why is Team Obama pouring taxpayer money into a company that everybody knows is going to fail? Is Obama simply rewarding the unions for their votes?

As our new Democrat leadership continues to punish responsible people by raising their taxes and rewarding the greedy and incompetent by giving away those taxes, businesses are taking notice. Many small businesses are simply cutting back to avoid the higher taxes. You can’t blame them; why work harder and longer when over half of it goes to the government? Is working even worth it anymore?

The only hope is that after four years of this nonsense, maybe Americans will smarten up and put in some qualified candidates for president.